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Boricua [boh-ree-kwah] is more than a word to identify a person from Puerto Rico. It’s a way of life that means finding inspiration wherever you look and sharing it with whomever you meet. Which is why it makes so much sense to meet in Puerto Rico, where our one-of-a-kind culture will make for one-of-a-kind meeting. If you want attendees to feel welcomed, passionate, and excited, let our people inspire yours. Just minutes from our world-class beaches and natural adventures, our modern convention center features 600,000 sq. feet of meeting space, many green initiatives, and creative ways to incorporate our culture. Distrito T-Mobile located steps from the convention center offers entertainment options with uniquely Puerto Rican art, concerts, and cuisine. And while our island may feel like an international destination, there is no need for a passport for US travelers. Learn more at DiscoverPuertoRico.com/meetings.

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